Supporting Advisors

Raintree Insurance Services (RIS) empowers its Agents and Financial Planners to serve their clients. As part of the Raintree Capital ecosystem, we focus on business building, team integration, and the utilization of the best products and services available. Advisors tend to excel in working with affluent and mass-affluent Canadians seeking to preserve and protect their wealth.


We help Advisors build their business by understanding how to grow and scale. We support Advisors to scale by adding staff, when considering adding product or service lines, licenses or registration categories (including private market, portfolio management, financial planning, etc.). We support Advisors in considerations around adding a business partner, acquiring a book of business, or in growing a team or branch of advisors through a variety of models. Ultimately, we support a community that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing and FUN. 


Raintree Insurance Services has many teams that collaborate and share clients across license, registration and specialities within the financial services business. For those interested in working with a larger Team as a Planner, Insurance Specialist, Business Development Specialist, or other roles within a team that would fit your experience and expertise, consider joining a Team that could help you grow your business and income.

Benefits of Joining a RIS Team

Increased Collaboration


Greater Success and Career Growth


Decreased Burnout


Enhanced Problem Solving


Improved Client Satisfaction


Our Team Leaders are available to Advisors interested in coaching and mentorship from a more senior Advisor. This type of support can have a major impact on an Advisor’s business and help them achieve their goals faster and with fewer challenges.

Take Advantage of Our Partnerships

Through our partner, Hub Financial, Raintree Insurance Services Advisors gain access to all of the traditional MGA support: product webinars, investment specialists, insurance specialists, large case support, admin support, and contracting support. This partnership allows us to concentrate on where we can deliver the most value to Advisors; supporting growth and practice management in building their business, and then helping them scale to their desired level of success.

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